Theale Area GPs - more info

There are lots of possibilities and a full day wouldn't do the complex justice but I suggest the following itinerary which you could do in a 4-5 hour morning (get off the M4 at Exit 11). Click the OSXXXYYY refs to get to the map with an arrow showing the parking.


SU687685 Start at Burnthouse lane GPs [passage waders] 
Climb the bank to scan the area nearest the road (it may be water or gravel depending on what they're doing at the site). To see the more easterly parts you'll need to walk along the southern raised bank (easily recognised when you get there)

Searles lane [in October/November for rare ducks and warblers in the Spring]
There are lots of viewing points around the pits as well as a large heronry. The pits along the northern edge can be "guarded" by bailiffs (aggressive or chatty depending on the day!)

Moatlands [passage terns] 
Before you get to the car park (indicated by an arrow on the map link) there is a tiny, two-car pull-in - park there and go through the gate (west) to view the larger pit from a large oak (about 300 yards). You'll have Burghfield mill pit on your right (check for winter ducks; bearded reedling was found here in 2004)
SU650699   Hosehill/Main pit [nightingale/warblers]
The favoured parking is a little pull-in about 150 yards after the pub (going east). There's a large white metal gate. Immediately north is an old orchard (referred to as "the garden") - good for nightingale/warblers & occasionally turtle dove). Cross the road to view Hosehill or go though the white gate to scan Main pit
SU636694   Bottom lane floods [waders] - parking for one car - alternatively walk along the canal from Sheffield Bottom
This has lost much of its charm (and waders) after an adjoining ditch was dug-out
SU633702   Wigmore lane GPs - mostly fishing lakes but a couple in the complex are generally fishermen-free. Recent finds have been Ferruginous duck & (Greater) Scaup. There's not much parking space (at the arrow)