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Dave Parker found the bird at QMR on the 24th of September on a dull and very windy evening. He called it into Berksbirds as a Skua sp - "probably Pom or Bonxie". A number of top birders failed to id the bird until late the next morning in spite of getting much better views of it than Dave did. There are a number of  versions of the story as to by whom/how it was finally identified.
Post script Sadly, the bird was found dead on the shore in front of the Sailing club on the 27th of September


On a personal note I had been at QMR about an hour before Dave but had only got as far as winding down my window and having all the loose papers in my car blown about like confetti. My car was being buffeted about too much to see anything on the water. How Dave managed to see the skua is miraculous. His move to Cornwall was a great loss to Berkshire! On his first day in Cornwall (while waiting for the movers lorry) he found a corncrake. Lucky Kernow ;o)

I was also at QMR two hours before CDRH found the unfortunate Stormie in 2003. I have, subsequently, stopped going to QMR ;o)

Showing size comparison with herring gull ...