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Above, unusually low water level in September 2003

Uniquely low levels in November 2003 - besides a spoonbill & a grey phalarope very little else has taken advantage

Very near the Horton pit is Queen Mother Reservoir (above) - a MASSIVE surface of water. You need a permit to get access via the BOC but it can be spectacular - double figure velvet scoter but it can be a bit soul destroying on a cold, windy winter afternoon. A scope is a must. There is a weather link from the Sailing club. There are "chainage" plates all the way around the perimeter wall showing the metres of the circumference. They start, with "0" at the southern end (near the dilapidated bird hide) and work their way clockwise to the final one at 5300m. The pier is at 3750m. Some thoughtful observers will include the "chainage" in their reports - please do so if you have the opportunity - it is a great help!

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