Moor Green Lakes - more info

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It's always worth the walk from the car park to the hide at Grove lake. You can then either go back the same way or take the footpath north after the hide and join the road - walking back to the car park. The road isn't busy and there's always lots to look for in the hedges and adjoining fields.

You can also park at Horseshoe lake  SU820620 with a shorter walk to the Grove hide.

Check the trees along the river and, if time permits, take the path west along the river to view the new workings and check the fields in winter for finches [Brambling/Redpoll/Siskin]

The scrape in front of Grove hide is always a bit too dry but can get the odd sandpiper [Colebrook hide is better] as well as the occasional water rail.

 Colebrook hide gives views over tern island - the best chance of waders [incl redshank, lrp, snipe, green/common sand] and hosted Temminck's stint recently. Snipe [incl jack] can be seen along the north bank of the lake. The "cut" which runs along the path to Colebrook hide can give water rail. The new workings may well produce migrants before the motors start-up and at weekends. View from the footpaths east & south of them. The footpath over the gravel-belt is especially worth a couple of minutes. 


There is also a local authority site: