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Rumours of an "odd" hobby at Moor Green lakes started to appear on Birdforum and then on the Berksbirds Yahoo group on Tuesday, 11th July. The finder put his field notes up for scrutiny as he didn't feel the bird looked right for a hobby and opined that it could be a Red-footed. Bruce Archer later confirmed that the bird had been there since Sunday


Other locals went to see the bird and such were the incongruities in the plumage that it wasn't until Saturday morning before it was positively ID'd and put out as a Red-footed falcon on the superb: www.berksbirds.co.uk

The bird has been described on the site as female and  juvenile and does look a little like what Dick Forsman describes as a transitional female - 2nd cy Spring bird. Marek, on his excellent website, suggests that it "maybe a first year bird in arrested moult"


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