Little Stint, scarce passage migrant   

Calidris minuta is still a pretty regular part of the Autumn passage in the county. All the early records for the county in the twentieth century were at the old-style sewage works with large open settling beds. Slough SF, whilst modernised, until recently still had the remnants of its old beds and I may have found the last Berkshire "sewage farm" in September 2004

Regular, if scarce, movement is now generally seen at the gravel pits and then mostly in September

"The Birds of Berkshire" makes mention of a party of twenty-five birds at SSF in September 1936 but nowadays there is rarely more than a couple at a time and most often only singletons


As new gravel workings are begun short windows of opportunity open up for wader hot spots. In recent years a real magnet for migrants over-flying Berkshire has been the Burnthouse lane pits. Little  has been among the Autumn stop-overs with as many as three together in 2004. The other reliable site is Moor Green where five were found in October 2006. Between the two sites there have been records of minutae in six of the past seven years
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