Lavell's Lake, Berkshire's most visited site 

Lavell's Lake is a compact forty-six acre site adjacent to Dinton Pastures country park. It was designated a local nature reserve in 1992 and is managed by the Wokingham countryside ranger service and Friends of Lavell's Lake - FOLL [chairman - Fraser Cottington]

Regular work parties maintain the habitat and have, in recent years, made large-scale improvements to the island, scrape and reed beds. By cutting down trees they have maintained some of the openness essential to attract passage waders - as well as providing habitat for wintering water rail and jack snipe

In September 2007 a was built. This, together with the new tarmac path has made Lavell's the first public hide in Berkshire to have wheelchair access
Lavell's has been the 'most popular' site in the county for some time and has guided walks on most weekends. Together with Dinton Pastures it can produce a day list of over 60 in early spring and the chance of excellent views of less common birds for most of the year

Outside of the Lea Valley, Lavell's is THE most reliable site in the south of England for wintering bittern and it has been recorded in every month of the year
is becoming a regular & there are always two or three territories, even makes the occasional appearance . Water rail & kingfisher can be relied upon to show well in front of the new hide!

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