Finchampstead Ridges            

The population of Firecrest has increased markedly in the UK in recent years. There is a lot of suitable habitat in the south-east of the county with stands of Norway spruce scattered throughout Windsor forest & Crowthorne woods

The first Berkshire records for spring or summer were in 1972. But only 30 years later in the 2003 county report seventy territories were reported with four confirmed reports of breeding. The RSPB has them on the Amber list with the UK breeding population at 20-100 pairs

Marek will often tell you: "Firecrests are not that rare". And just about all of the bird racing teams will plan on adding firecrest to their total ...


Firecrest has been reported from Finchampstead Ridges at this time of the year since 2002; the site is just north of Moor Green lakes

The MGLG webmaster describes the spot  ...

"In the holly trees at the western junction of the bridleway and Dell Road along the southern edge of the woods."


Only just out of the county this week, there's a on the Surrey side of the Blackwater near Camberley

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