Pavo cristatus - Indian peafowl 

I first heard a peacock calling from woods east of Catmore (on the Downs) three or four years ago but had never gone in to look for them. This spring I had "found" marsh tit nearby and so went to see if there were any of the tits in the wood. I soon heard marsh tit calling and while trying to take a few photos I heard peacock calling very near

After a bit of searching I had distant views of two females but by the time I had sorted out my tripod to photograph them, they'd disappeared. After half an hour I still only got fleeting views, and no pics, of a couple of males, one in very bright plumage. On my way out of the wood I disturbed a fox - no doubt, like the peafowl,  attracted by the game feeders ...

This weekend, 28th April, I stopped at the wood because of the view it gives you over "The Barracks" and heard its characteristic call. Looking out of the car window I could see, through the trees, a male with its tail fanned out displaying. An unexpected, but impressive sight in an English bluebell wood

I tried to follow it back into the wood but again found that they are surprisingly difficult to track! I did get some pics of it in among the bluebells as well as at the edge of an adjoining rape field
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