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he Laughing gull showed pretty well throughout the period after it was found at Reading Gate; it did become THE most reliable of all the gulls which "influxed" at the end of last year

It could be seen at the retail park, on one of the lamp posts at any time of day from 8am to 6pm. If it got enough to eat it would fly off west, towards Smallmead, and mightn't be seen again for up to two hours - rarely much longer

It came down for bread, chips, bits of KFC and, for me most reliably for tinned sardines. The knack was to throw food down for it when the BHGs couldn't see!

It was great to see it moult over the month or so. Something which can, of course, be seen in any number of BHGs but somehow the rarer bird makes the process more interesting. It was very nearly full summer by the time it left

Last report of this bird was April 1st

Canon 10D, 400 f5.6 L

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Larus atricilla,  Dec 2nd '05 ― Apr 1st '06

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