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An unusual influx of Little gull at Theale allowed locals to get a good luck at this early passage migrant. Moatlands and QMR are the usual stop-off points and then often 3 or 4 only staying for a late lunch

There were eleven or maybe fourteen between Theale main pit and Hosehill lake this afternoon. At least eight at the distant north-east end of Main pit  (including at least two adults on there way to Summer plumage from 14:30 to 15:00 at least) with three (when I left, 14:25) and six (when I came back, 15:10) at Hosehill (all 1st summer)

A couple of the birds at Hosehill had a beautiful pink wash to their breasts which did not photograph very well but is evident in these pics. Michael McKee was there and has (better) pics on his site

The ring-necked duck was still showing very well around the island at the western-most end of main pit ... though too distantly from the viewing area for photography

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Little gull - Hosehill lake, March 31st 2006

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