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Tundra bean goose - in recent years almost annual between December and February


This one was found at Remenham in flooded field beside the Thames (CDRH) - keeping company with a smallish flock of mute swans. There was a family of Bewick's found at the same place on the 3rd (Robin Dryden)


Government scientists have this to say on speciation of the bean goose:
"There are two races of Bean Goose, the Taiga (or Western) Bean Goose A .f. fabalis and the Tundra Bean Goose A. f. rossicus. Taiga Bean Geese winter in southern Sweden and countries along the southern shores of the Baltic and North Seas after migration from their main breeding area in the taiga (
forest bogs on the subarctic)  zone of northern Fennoscandia and western Russia. Tundra Bean Geese migrate to their wintering grounds in central and southern Europe (from Spain to the Balkans) from breeding grounds on the north Russian tundra (permanently frozen soil,  treeless plain). Some mixing of the two races occurs during autumn and winter, but the races are morphologically clearly separable"

Wikipedia says ... "It gets its English and scientific names from its habit in the past of grazing in bean field stubbles in winter (Latin faba, a bean)"

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