Berks Bird Race winner, Mike McCarthy, alerted locals to the likelihood of this first-for-the-county yank appearing in Berkshire* a month or so ago and so it was ironic that a Bristol birder put the news out, on Dec 2nd, of this adult in the massive mixed gull  flock ... 

KICX3159-PGP-gulls.jpg (89212 bytes)

... which divides its time  between the Smallmead landfill and the various surrounding pits

Gull Guru Paul B-T relocated it the next day on the pit where it has been seen, off & on, for a week ... so far

* this is a repeat of 
PB-T's Whiskered tern trick 

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Smallmead Farm GP - December 5th 2005

Larus atricilla  ... its distinctive voice sounds like it is laughing, "ha-ha-ha-ha-haah"

in a flock of 2000 plus gulls ... but (luckily) keeping to itself