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Calidris ferruginea, first appeared on the Berkshire list in 1922 when four Autumn birds were recorded at Reading sewage farm. In the subsequent twenty years it was reported in good numbers; when Reading SF was modernised the sitings 'moved' to Slough Sewage Farm (a count of twenty birds was recorded there in September 1936)


Numbers started to fall off in the 1940s and by the start of the 1960s reports had become less frequent and involving fewer birds. This decline has, by now, become a mere trickle with few years recording more than two or three migrants. Favoured sites are still Slough SF and to a lesser extent Theale & Eversley GPs


The autumn birds on this page are a group of four birds found at Borough Marsh (by Hugh Netley). The Spring birds at Dorney Wetlands (née SSF) in 2002 & 2005 with the Autumn juv at PGP3(S) in 2004


Over a thousand birds pass through Britain &, like all long distant migrants, need good stop-over feeding grounds. Borough Marsh benefited from the heavy rains in July '07 leaving several large, shallow pools bordering the Thames at Lower Shiplake. There have been a few other good birds found there this Autumn including Spotshank, little stint, med gull & blackwit -  www.berksbirds.co.uk

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Curlew sandpiper - rare passage migrant