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Although I try to use the DSLR as much as I can there are lots of times when you just can't get close enough. The Downs are a case in point. With little cover and birds in the middle of large fields it was all I could to to get the birds at full magnification on both camera and eyepiece. The pics here are nothing more than record shots of the day

From Lambourn a gentle drive along the Downs, picking up some nice birds on the way, eventually took me to Streatley where Ring ouzel had been reported. They are difficult birds to get close to so the distance which digiscoping allows gave me a chance of getting something. I was never closer than 200 yards to the birds for any of the pics in the show

The redstart & wheatear were also at Streatley Warren

The flight shots of the raptors were with the DSLR but were distant and so were quite small images on the "negative". The harrier, in particular, was very distant & occupied only 0.2% of the original image!
[that's like an eight letter word in 12pt on A4]

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A Grand Day Out - on the Berkshire Downs

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