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Nightingales made a very early appearance this year with reports of birds at two sites on the 2nd & 3rd of the month ... on the quite remarkable:

There are two birds in this slide show (neither were at the sites reported on Berksbirds) - both croaking, singing and showing well for ten minutes at a time

Within the last week or so spring migrants have really flooded into Berkshire. March had the odd blackcap and Chiffchaff, now there are dozens of them at every site you go to. The Blackcaps in this slide show were just a few of the dozen singing males (and at least three females) at Searles farm lane GP. There were also a couple of Willow warblers and eight Chiffchaffs

The red-crested pochard was at the species' most reliable site in the county - Searles farm lane GP

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