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Using the car park at SU928794 walk east for about 150 yards to reach Berkshire! After the fishing spots [on the south bank] you can see a small area on the north bank favoured by waders. On the right as you approach the footbridge there’s a small swampy patch with reed mace – worth checking as stonechat and whinchat have been found there. Snipe can hide in the margins near the footbridge on both sides of the river [as long as you’re there before the dog walkers]. Depending on the direction of the light you can now cross the footbridge to view “West Marsh” – garganey, spot shank, little stint, blackwit, turnstone and curlew sand have all been found here.

Take the detour to look into SSF -  check the beds and the rough ground just the other side of Roundmoor ditch [this was where the RB shrike was found – with four whinchats]. You can get good views of “East Marsh” from this path – the vegetation will mean that patience is needed to do a thorough job. Temmincks’, barwit, wood sand, grey plover and whimbrel have all been found on the islands east of  “Manor Farm Bridge”. All along the river there are tree guards which have been very popular with the passage whinchats and wheatears – on occasion reaching double figures.

The walk, along the south bank, to the weir offers the chance of other angles to view the islands, meadow pipits on the hill to the right and the possibility of common and green sand as well an interesting gull at the weir itself [med gull and yellow-legged gull have both been seen here]. While at the weir check the hedgerow to the south for warblers and the stream is a favourite for snipe.

Take the high road back over the top of the hill [made form the diggings from the channel] passing the monument. Skylark is always about  here but grey and red-legged partridge can be found first thing. Check the tree protectors on the south side of the hill - there were over 30 yellow wagtails in Sept 02 and winter will certainly provide a pair of stonechats. Finally on your way passed the barn [south of Manor Farm Bridge] look for little owl on the gutters or fences around the paddock.

There is a log book under the information board north of Manor Farm Bridge – please add any sightings if you have time.  

The work to the weir continues (pic below)into the Autumn of 2003


Local info link - including news of the 2003 floods

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Jubilee River Map (Acrobat, 87KB, 1 Minute)